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Equipcon Expands with Core NDT

Equipcon Expands with Core NDT

The Equipcon Group would like to announce the signing of a new partner, Core NDT. Founded in 2017, Core NDT is a specialized company known for its dedication to putting the customer first and its expertise in ultrasonic transducers.

Established by Scott Thompson, who has a remarkable 18-year background in designing and building transducers for companies worldwide, Core NDT was born from a vision to address the evolving needs of customers in today's dynamic business environment.

Scott's insight into the industry revealed the need for a company that continuously evolves and improves its offerings in line with customers' changing requirements. With this mission at its core, Core NDT is committed to setting a new standard in customer-centric service and product quality.

At Core NDT, the customer is not just a priority but the focal point of their business. Recognizing that customers have a choice when it comes to selecting a transducer manufacturer, Core NDT makes a steadfast promise to deliver not only the highest quality products but also the highest quality service. Their passion extends beyond building high-quality transducers; it encompasses the joy of ensuring customer satisfaction.

As Equipcon Group proudly welcomes Core NDT as its new partner, this commitment to customer-centric values and top-quality products ensures that customers in need of ultrasonic transducers will find a reliable and dedicated partner in this collaboration. Together, Equipcon Group and Core NDT look forward to providing industry-leading solutions while putting the customer at the heart of their partnership.


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