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DecaCoil High Production MPI System

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The DecaCoil High Production MPI System is a non-contact, multidirectional, induced MPI system with automatic bath application and a motorized conveyor. The basic scheme of operation requires the loading of test components onto the motorized conveyor either manually or by means of plant robotics or conveying systems. These components are transported into the magnetizing tunnel, where they are sprayed with magnetic inking material and magnetized in three vectors simultaneously.

These 3 separate output vectors are independently controlled, allowing the user to "balance" the field strength in all orientations. While one phase will be preferentially strong when compared to the other two at any given time, the use of 3 rotating phases simultaneously creates a "swinging field" of magnetism, which provides near equal sensitivity in all planes.

DecaCoil MPI System Brochure

DecaCoil Information Data Sheet