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The Equipcon Group Welcomes Echo Ultrasonics

The Equipcon Group Welcomes Echo Ultrasonics

Echo Ultrasonics has emerged as a global leader in couplant research and development since its establishment in 2012. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has positioned them as pioneers in the field, offering a wide array of specialized couplants designed to optimize ultrasonic inspections.

Headquartered in Bellingham, Washington, Echo Ultrasonics has been at the forefront of pioneering ultrasonic couplant technology. These substances play a critical role in ultrasonic inspections by reducing friction between the transducer and the object under examination, ultimately improving the accuracy and efficiency of the entire process.

The Equipcon Group is proud to announce it's partnership with Echo Ultrasonics. By pooling their expertise, they aim to improve the accuracy and safety of ultrasonic inspections. This partnership is a step towards a more promising future, and we look forward to the possibilities it will bring.

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