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Tam Panels

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The GoodBlock NDT Tam Panels are a known defect standard that can be used for the daily system performance check in penetrant testing. The panel is a tool to establish consistent benchmarks for monitoring a penetrant system for any sudden changes. These stainless steel panels are 4" x 6" in size and are available in 2 configurations.

Both configurations consist of a chrome-plated section and a surface section.

In the case of #GBP-01 panels, there is a chrome-plated section that is divided into a polished half and a surface section that is grit-blasted.

On the other hand, #GBP-02 panels feature both chrome-plated and surface sections, both of which are grit-blasted.

The chrome-plated section showcases five evenly spaced "starburst" crack patterns, progressively decreasing in size from the top. These starbursts adhere to tight size controls, and their dimensions are factory-certified to meet the TAM 146040 specifications. Meanwhile, the grit-blasted area is specifically designed for evaluating residual penetrant background characteristics.

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