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RAM-TEST-FIXTURE Inspection Workstation

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The RAM-TEST-FIXTURE is a resonant inspection workstation with an adjustable platform for easy testing of various part sizes and shapes.

This system is an ideal choice when repeatable manual inspections are required. It offers precise part positioning control with an adjustable table (up to 6.25 inches) and integrated impactor triggered by photo eye sensors when the part is correctly positioned.

Once impacted, the objective part inspection requires no human interpretation. Utilizing a laptop PC with NDT-RAM software to acquire and analyze data from each part, ultimately providing a straightforward Pass or Fail result. A light tower is included to visually indicate the test status, allowing operators to sort the parts accordingly.  

Part Testing Rate: 5–10 seconds

Part Types Tested: Metal, Ceramic, high-stiffness composition

Criteria Ranges: 20

Dimensions: 24' x 30' x 40' (7.3m x 9.1m x 12.2)

Overall Weight: Approximately 90 lb (40.8 kg)