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Jaguar 365 Series UVA Lamps

by ChiNDT
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The Jaguar 365 Series UVA Lamps are offered in two versions (Headlight Version or Spray Bottle Version). The Jaguar lamps free the technician’s hands while processing MPI and FPI inspections with the lamp mounted on to their hardhat in the Headlight Version or mounted on to a pressurized hand sprayer in the Spray Bottle Version. A three-position switch on the lamp allows the selection of UVA or white light LED illumination, with the third position being the off position. The Jaguar lamps use larger UV LEDs than flashlight-styled competitors models, making them the first choice from a technician’s point of view.

Features Include:

  • 2 UVA LEDs & 3 White Light LEDs
  • 18650 Lithium Batteries
  • UV Intensity: 4500 μw/cm2
  • Wavelength: 365-370 nm
  • Equipped with a blacklight filter
  • Includes a plastic carrying case, UV spectacles, batteries, and a charger

 Manufactured as per ASTM & ISO & RRES & NADCAP & AITM standards.

Jaguar 365 Series Brochure