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The Nordiscan-BB systems are intended for the examination of bars, billets, and other more complex profiles.

Depending on the testing task, we apply two basic configurations of Nordiscan-BB:

Pass Through: 

This configuration provides a "pass-through" feature based on providing a dedicated immersion tank with the probes submerged in it. It's used for the examination of bars of small diameters, billets, profiles, and rail. Efficient seals on the input and output ensure minimal loss of water and continuous inspection capability. Such configuration is nearly invisible to the production line with testing speeds up to 2 m/s, and the application of phased-array methods provides increased flexibility for different test objects and tasks.


This configuration provides a "gantry" feature, which is used for testing large-diameter round bars. This system has a measuring module with a set of ultrasonic transducers that moves along the length of the product being inspected from above the bar while the bar is rotating below, providing efficient 100% scanning in a helical pattern.

Regardless of the configuration, installations of the Nordiscan-BB series are equipped with various types of ultrasonic transducers, which significantly expands the potential installation locations and solves endless tasks.

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