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F-18 Powder (Ultra-Fine)

by ZChem
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The F-18 Powder (Ultra-Fine) is a dark brown magnetic particle powder consisting of ultra-high sensitivity particles for detection of very fine discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials. It's manufactured to exhibit excellent properties required for high sensitive fluorescent MPI process. Recommended to use with ZChek-801 cart oil or a suitable water conditioner, such as WA-9.

Directions for use: Add at 1-1.25 grams per liter. Run the pump for at least 15 minutes before testing. Check concentration before use each shift using a centrifuge tube. Parts should be clean and dry before testing. The bath must be under continuous agitation. The bath is applied to all surfaces of the part. The instant the bath stream is removed, the magnetizing current is applied.

Manufactured as per ASTM, ISO, AMS & ASME standards.

Sold as an individual 1lb. tub.


F-18 Brochure