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Echo Z+ High Acoustic-Impedance UT Couplant

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The Echo Z+ High Acoustic-Impedance UT Couplant is a high-acoustic-impedance ultrasonic couplant. It increases acoustic impedance and decreases surface noise, making it ideal for very rough, pitted, corroded surfaces, tight-curved test objects, and concrete. Echo Z+ contains glycerin, which is intended to be removed from non-ferrous metal parts after inspection.


  • Contains no VOCs, naptha, oil, hydrocarbons, silicones, petroleum distillates, dyes or fragrance.
  • Contains a short term ferrous corrosion inhibitor.
  • High acoustic impedance.
  • Decreases surface noise.
  • High viscosity.
  • 5 viscosities (fluid, low, medium, high, very high),
  • Ideal for rough surfaces and concrete.


Operating Range: 0˚ to 200˚F (-18˚ to 93˚C)

Density: 1.4 g/cc

Velocity: 2.6 mm/μsec

Acoustic Impedance: 3.7 MRayls

Echo Z+ Brochure

Echo Z+ MSDS