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EchoMix Single Powder UT Couplant

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The EchoMix Single Powder UT Couplant provides an economical solution for travel, remote access inspections, and storage limitations.

It's a one-part (one packet) powder, easily mixed in ambient water in five minutes, providing a strong, continuous coupling film that adheres well to vertical and overhead surfaces. Single-mix packet, one-step mixing.


  • 1 Packet.
  • Less Residue.
  • Blue mixing tracer.
  • Salt stable – will not thin with corrosion salts or in marine, highway environments.


Operating Range: 32˚ to 120˚F (0˚ to 50˚C)

Viscosity: Medium Gel

Halogens & Sulfur: Less than 0.02% (200 ppm)

pH: 9

Corrosion Characteristic: Contains mild short term Ferrous Corrosion Inhibitors

EchoMix Single Powder Brochure

EchoMix Single Powder MSDS