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EchoPure UT Couplant

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The EchoPure UT Couplant is the couplant of choice for Phased Array UT Inspection.  It improves defect reproducibility by eliminating dry spots under the wedge and the resulting noise and artifacts.

EchoPure is an ideal couplant for very cold inspection (liquid gas piping and refrigerant lines) and will not frost or attenuate at temperatures as low as -60°F.

EchoPure is excellent for high-temperature use, such as warm welds up to 350°F and on pipe in the desert summer sun, where slow evaporation and long inspection windows are desired.

With its low toxicity, EchoPure is a good choice for inspection in food processing plants.

Important Details:

  • Strongest coupling film available.
  • Very slow drying: Drying time is days or weeks.
  • Salt stable.  Does not thin with corrosion, roadway or marine salts.
  • Better multi-metal compatibility than most UT couplants.
  • Does not contain Glycerin.


Operating Range: -60°F to 350°F (-51°C to 176°C)

Viscosity: Low, Medium, and High.

Auto Ignition Temperature: 700°F / 371°C

Halogens & Sulfur: Less than 50 ppm

EchoPure UT Brochure

EchoPure UT MSDS