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Forever Wedge UT Couplant

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The Forever Wedge UT Couplant is a high-viscosity fluid for phased array and angle beam wedge attachment and for coupling delay lines. It won’t dry, run, leach, or dissolve with water or couplants. It will stay in place for months or years until you decide to remove the wedge. It's not an adhesive and will not bond to the wedge.

Reliable long term coupling of wedges to transducers is a critical technology to insure reproducible results and eliminate recoupling probes to wedges during inspection.


  • Last for years
  • Very high viscosity
  • Impervious to water, heat, and light
  • Won't dissolve or leach
  • Easily removed


Operating Range: -50˚ to 700˚F (-45˚ to 371˚C)

Viscosity: Fluid – 5,000 cST

Sound Velocity: 4900 ft/second (1494m/sec)

Auto Ignition Temperature: 850˚F (454˚C)

Forever Wedge Couplant Brochure

Forever Wedge Couplant MSDS