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HiTempco+ High Temp UT Couplant

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The HiTempco+ High Temp UT Couplant offers a temperature range of -50˚ to 850˚F (-45˚ to 455˚C). Its applications range from high-temperature thickness gaging and flaw detection to ambient and low-temperature coupling, where no corrosion, broad material compatibility, long service life, and low toxicity are considerations.


  • No residue
  • Non-drying
  • Strong corrosion inhibition


Operating Range: -50˚ to 850˚F (-45˚ to 455˚C)

Viscosity: Thick – Grease-like paste

Flash Point: Cleveland Open Cup 649˚F (343˚C)

Auto Ignition Temperature: 894˚F (479˚C)

HiTempco+ Brochure

HiTempco+ MSDS