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SoniX High Performance UT Couplant

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The SoniX High Performance UT Couplant provides a strong, lubricious, water-soluble coupling film as a universal ambient temperature NDT ultrasonic couplant.


  • Strong UT Coupling film strength
  • Slow drying
  • Good ferrous corrosion inhibition; compatible with most metals, plastics, and composites.
  • Completely salt stable; will not thin with corrosion, marine environment, or highway infrastructure subjected to de-icing salts.


Operating Range: 18°F to 120°F (-8°C to 50°C) for most flaw detection and thickness gaging applications.

Viscosity: Medium – 40,000 cps LVT Spindle 4 @ 6 rpm

Halogens & Sulfur: Less than 50 ppm

pH: 8.0 nominal at 20°C

SoniX High Performance Brochure

SoniX High Performance MSDS