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VersaSonic Multipurpose High Temp UT Couplant

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The VersaSonic Multipurpose High Temp UT Couplant is the most versatile couplant, from high temperatures to turbine rotors to extreme weather inspections. VersaSonic is a low-toxicity, biodegradable couplant that does NOT contain peanut oil.


  • Instant ultrasonic response.
  • Multiple viscosities.
  • Excellent high temperature transducer lubricant, extends transducer life.
  • Ambient and low temperature coupling where corrosion inhibition is critical.
  • Excellent corrosion inhibitor.


Operating Range: -10 to 700°F (-23 to 371°C)

Viscosity: Medium, High – Gel & Paste

Halogens & Sulfur: Less than 50 ppm

VersaSonic Multipurpose Brochure

VersaSonic Multipurpose MSDS