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Exclusive Territories Available

We don’t want a new employee; we want a new business owner!

The Equipcon Group has as a primary foundational goal to return to the NDT business model of the 1980’s with our sales channel being formed of Exclusive Representatives who want to truly own their territory.

As a member of our team, you will experience unwavering commitment and support from Equipcon. We provide continuous training, an expanding product line, prompt service, and robust assistance to fuel your success. Our mission is to ensure that you thrive as a business owner, not just an employee.

Unlike other companies that scatter their products and services everywhere, Equipcon believes in the power of regional exclusivity. By being within a 4-hour drive of your clients, you'll become the go-to sales and support specialist for all NDT users in your territory.

We understand the importance of exclusivity and the value it brings. We don't want our partners to compete with themselves or dilute their offerings. That's why we focus on investing in your success, providing opportunities, and offering unwavering support. Together, we can build a thriving organization with legacy rights that last beyond your career.

Whether you're a recent graduate of an NDT school, a seasoned NDT practitioner, a service person, or an experienced salesperson in the industry, you might be the perfect candidate for your region. To be considered, please send us your resume, your vision for your company's place in the NDT industry, and a personal biography highlighting your capabilities and passions.

Submit your information to: for review and consideration.