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The Alutest-PL systems are intended for fully automatic ultrasonic and eddy current examination of plates and slabs made of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, titanium, copper, etc.

The general configuration of Alutest-PL systems is similar in concept to the configuration of Nordiscan-PL scanners. However, unlike the Nordiscan-PL, the ultrasonic and eddy current probes of the Alutest-PL are designed to meet the most stringent standards of the aerospace industry.

The key elements of these scanners are the use of blocks of multichannel piezoelectric transducers with phased arrays, allowing you to confidently detect the smallest defects, down to FBH 0.8 mm, in slabs of up to 800 mm thickness. The highest positioning accuracy of the acoustic units is ensured using our proven industrial manipulators.

At our customers request, the base set of Alutest-PL equipment can be expanded with various subsystems to provide automatic measurement of conductivity, high precision measurement of geometric dimensions, as well as drying and marking post-inspection.

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