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Aqua-Z Ultrasonic Couplant

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The Aqua-Z Ultrasonic Couplant has the highest acoustic impedance of any water-based ultrasonic couplant. It's a slow-drying, water-soluble product that is easy to clean up.


  • It Improves signal to noise ratio on rough surfaces such as castings, rough bar stock and fiberglass.
  • Increases acoustic transmission on plastics (PVC pipes) and rough welds
  • Gel viscosity remains in place for overhead and vertical surfaces
  • Broadest operating range for a water-based couplant


Operating Range: -18˚ to 224˚F (-28˚ to 107˚C)

Acoustic Impedance: 1.95+ g/cm2 -sec x 105

Viscosity: Medium flowable gel

Halogens and Sulfur: Less than 50 ppm

pH: 8.0 nominal at 20°C

Aqua-Z Brochure

Aqua-Z MSDS Sheet