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The EddySpot-PL detects hard spots, areas with irregular hardness normally occurring on the production line from the hot rolling process of plates, also referred to as bruises. These areas of local hardening variances become a source of mechanical stress after forming plates into line pipes (LSAW or HSAW).

Being invisible to conventional UT or X-ray methods hard spots may cause small micro-cracks under the constant and in-process cyclic loads that pipelines experience, which are caused by dislocations and slip bands, creating potentially expedited fatigue, cracking, and failure ending catastrophically in leaks or explosions.

Detection of hard spots at the early production stage can save a lot of time, money, and the overall safety of products. After recognizing the market need for an efficient tool for reliable and high-capacity inspection of flats for detection of hard spots, Nordinkraft and Equipcon have actively engaged in new solutions and product developments in this area and now introduce the EddySpot family of systems, the first in the world for automatic non-contact detection of hard spots.

Depending on the testing task, we offer three different configurations:

  • EddySpot-PL (#E-Spot-PL)
  • EddySpot-Desktop (#E-Spot-D)
  • EddyScan-PL (#E-Scan-PL)

The EddySpot-PL system uses the configuration of Ematest-PL as a basis, but instead of lines of Eddy Current probes, we apply lines of EMAT ultrasonic probes. This system is the most sophisticated system intended to perform in-line examination of plates for hard spots at speeds of up to 2 m/s. Both sides of the plate can be tested simultaneously.

EddySpot PL Brochure