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The Nordiscan-Rails is our platform of ultrasonic inspection systems designed for the detection of internal and surface defects in railroad rails, which inspects the head, web, and foot using ultrasonic phased array and EMAT probes.

Depending on the testing task, we offer three different configurations:

Rail-E: This system is intended for the detection of internal defects in rail heads, necks, and feet using EMAT probes in pass-through and echo modes.

Rail-I: This is an ultrasonic phased and immersion system used for the detection of internal imperfections in rail heads, necks, and feet with the highest accuracy, reliability, and speed up to 2 m/s.

Rail-S: This is the first immersion UT system for detection for the examination of rail surfaces. The overall configuration of this system is based on the "pass-through" concept, which means that the rail will pass through the water tank with the set of phased array probes intended for 100% coverage of the rail surface. No more static and rotating EC probes; no more water jet probes; no wasting of time for re-adjustments.

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