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Phoenix Blacklight Series UVA Lamp

by ChiNDT
SKU 606007
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The Phoenix Blacklight Series UVA Lamp is the most innovative and feature-packed inspection blacklight in the industry. This blacklight has two important features that can be bought together or separately (Lamp & Eye).

Lamp: The lamp is a high-quality pure UVA inspection lamp that can be supplied with an integrated mini-Android tablet, allowing self-contained storage of photographs and videos of inspections, bleed-back tests, etc. through an integrated 13-megapixel camera. This lamp provides Wi-Fi, USB, and internet connectivity to transfer photos and videos from the lamp to other systems. With the included ScreenShare software, the lamp can be used for remote viewing for collaborative or safe distance viewing via a self-assigned IP address.

Eye: The eye allows for highly accurate measurement of indications that are linear and provides circular and rectangular area measurements as well. The eye includes a self-generating Tam Panel report. Users can measure the five starburst pattern indications on Tam Panels and use these to determine Tam Panel degradation.

Manufactured as per ASTM & ISO & RRES & NADCAP & AITM standards.

Phoenix Series Brochure