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RAM-DROP Automated Turnkey Inspection System

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The RAM-DROP is a 100% automated fast turnkey Resonance NDT inspection system for small parts with automatic sorting of defective parts.

The system automates quality testing and sorting for small parts like powdered metal components, fasteners, bearings, etc., offering rapid and objective sorting, typically achieving three-second cycle times per part. This system offers objective sorting without the need for human interpretation, using a straightforward Pass or Fail result provided by the NDT-RAM system and automated sorting via servo-controlled motor.

This system includes an industrial PC, a free-standing Drop Testing enclosure, a smart digital controller, a force sensor, and a microphone, designed to endure continuous operation in plant floor settings. It can easily detect imperfections, cracks, missing features, mixed parts, and even identify missed processes like machining or heat-treating operations.

Part Testing Rate: 0.5–3 seconds

Part Types Tested: Metal, Ceramic, high-stiffness composition

Criteria Ranges: 20

Dimensions: 24" x 48" x 67" (0.6m x 1.2m x 1.7m)

Overall Weight: Approximately 250 lb (113 kg)