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Sonaflex (Grain Size)

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The Sonaflex (Grain Size) system provides manufacturers of steel alloys with real knowledge of grain size, which is an especially important metallurgical data point. Grain size can affect materials strength, ductility, and performance under machining, forming, bending, welding, etc.

While ASTM E112 has specific requirements for subjectively calculating grain sizes and patterns, Nordinkraft has a novel approach to this task that can allow the monitoring of grain size across a product’s batch run using our system. This system is designed for high-volume, in-line, or discrete testing of materials and components: flats, sheets, rails, coils, bars, plates, etc.

Providing a precise evaluation of the materials’ grain size, ideally covering the full discrete production batch of material. Testing is performed without direct contact with the material to be tested. No coolant is required. The equipment is robust, accurate, simple, reliable, and can be easily integrated into a production line without limitations. It can be applied in any industrial or field environment. Testing Speeds of up to 20 m/s make this solution capable of keeping up with the most modern, high-volume production lines.

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Sonaflex Grain Size Brochure