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Sonaflex-Weld (Robocon)

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The Sonaflex-Weld (Robocon) is an invaluable addition to the Sonoflex series and accurately follows the weld line via onboard sensors to provide totally wireless and tether-free weld inspection without frames or guides. The fastest scanner to deploy in the NDT field inspection industry is fully self-contained with onboard ultrasonic electronics, a microprocessor, a coolant supply tank, and a drive system to inspect longitudinal or circumferential welds on pipelines or other vessel types.

Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the inspection is performed with minimal operator involvement. Our "gyro-encoding system" accurately maintains position data and works with weld tracking sensors to assure a maintained position on the weld seam while scanning. Being battery operated, it boasts a 4-hour battery life in typical applications and has a fast-change battery system to allow the inspection to proceed with minimal delays. It's also designed to accept further modular accessories to permit use with EC, MFL, vision, and other techniques as your needs mature.

This system is the answer to the NDT field service industry’s needs for minimal setup for an inspection and rapid weld inspection at competitive rates to differentiate the inspection service lab from their competition.

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